What is the undertaking of Doctors Under the Radar?

Our mission is to enable female physicians to be authentic and connect and be a part of a community/movement geared towards increasing transparency and awareness of mental health challenges across the medical profession.

How does Doctors Under the Radar envision the future?

With the ideals of empowering female physicians, Doc U R hopes to drown out the silence and decrease the stigmas encompassing mental health and start transforming and modernizing the professional landscape for physicians globally. 


Doctors Under the Radar hopes to achieve:

  • Building Communities – bringing together like-minded women, in a safe and nurturing social environment, to increase authenticity and their voices and decrease hopelessness. 
  • Promoting Research – normalizing mental disorders and accepting that the healers require healing to allow physicians to freely express themselves and decrease the stigmas and promote effective and viable research.
  • Creative Expression – providing 24/7 online access to resources, conversation, personal contributions from physicians, and only by physicians to change physician’s beliefs, dispositions, and overall health.
  • Allocate Access – grant access to mental health professionals dedicated to helping physicians achieve balance in their everyday lives, changing the narrative disabling physicians to obtain sufficient and efficient care and treatment for their mental health needs. 
  • Advancing Care – furnishing resources curated for and by women doctors focusing on mental health to allow them to initiate, investigate, and improve upon more comprehensive approaches to their treatment and care.
  • Decrease Liability – advocating to revamp and remodel policies governing mental health – separating illness from impairment and decreasing repercussions and sanctions for physicians reporting their circumstances.

The qualities we hope to instill:

  • Integrity
  • Diversity
  • Transparency
  • Inclusion
  • Collectivity
  • Communication

Who is Doctors Under the Radar primarily focused on?

Although the primary objective is to focus on female physicians, the information provided can apply to all sexes and genders. The primary audience is female medical trainees (i.e., medical students, medical school graduates, international medical graduates, residents, displaced residents) and physicians at all levels in their careers.