About DOC U R

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DOCTORS Under the Radar – Doc. U. R.

A space for personal growth and professional healing.

DOCTORS Under the Radar is an online digital platform that aims to focus on mental health and Doctors Obtaining Care and Treatment to Overcome, Restore, and Strive. Even though doctors are human too, there is an overall misconception that doctors are superhumans and do not succumb to the pressures and stressors in their personal and professional lives. There is also a gender disparity in which the medical profession affects women providers and their mental health at a higher level. There is also a lack of safe spaces and communities focused solely on female physicians’ mental health and wellness, as well as resources and providers focused on helping the healers heal. Doc U R will connect female doctors with each other and with mental health providers tailored to their needs and be a source of reference for healing. This platform wants to ensure - that all female medical professionals in training or seasoned, regardless of their circumstances - a Doctor is what yoU aRe and always will be.


She wore her troubled past like scars-she had been through battle and though no one could see her demons, they could see the face that conquered them. -Atticus


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