Our Frequently Asked Questions

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Doc U R is dedicated to female physicians only and some of the content is sensitive and personalized. So, to avoid misappropriated content, we require participants to subscribe. All credentials will be verified until a single or multiple sources.

YES! We are working on vetting and curating a host of providers. Our aim is to provide access 24/7 with a live agent. This will increase access to care and guarantee flexibility based on a physician’s schedule. More info to come!!!

Subscribers will have access to all content and be able to post and comment, as well as, be able to join the forum and establish communities.

A free account will give you access to the resources, the Doctor’s Notes Newsletter, and the Surviving Stigmas blog. However, you will not be able to read personal contributions.

Medical Trainees must upload proof of medical school or residency (Acceptance Letter, Transcript, Degree, etc). Practicing Physicians must provide credentialing (NPI, Licensure, Board Certification, etc). Physician in a different sector or not practicing, yet have completed medical school and beyond, must provide proof of medical degree (Acceptance Letter, Transcript, Degree, NPI, Licensure, Board Certification, etc) All credentials will be verified prior to acceptance.

YES! Due to the sensitive nature and stigmas suffocating how physicians can express their battles with mental health, you have the option to be anonymous. Doc U R wants authenticity and for physicians to feel free to express and be heard in a safe environment. Just create a username unique to you and that will be your identity.

YES! Opening up and divulging about mental health is sensitive in its own merit. Plus, with the fear and anxiety built up due to regulations governing licensure, it can make this very hard for some. However, with the assurance of anonymity and confidentiality, these feelings hopefully will be lessened. Moreover, suicide survivors can pay homage to a physician that has died by suicide. This in itself is a serious and important topic, that there are specific ways in which we must honor them. A feature only for subscribers. For more information check out Memorable Mentions in Become Featured.

We encourage everyone to play a part in bringing awareness to mental health. Physicians play a major role in different communities. There are two ways in which you can submit content. There are resources and a Newsletter. If you would like to provide a contribution, please reach out to us at submissions@mdundertheradar for more information.

Please join our Doctor’s Notes Newsletter to continue the conversation and learn about ways to be active and help those around you (and maybe even yourself). Feel free to check out our Mission and Focus and look into our Resources! Furthermore, if you are interested in ways to help or collaborate with us, please contact us as info@mdundertheradar.com

NO! Once a doctor, always a doctor. With age comes wisdom. As long as you can verify your status, you are welcomed. Come on in!

YES! and no! Currently, female physicians and trainees (medical students, medical school graduates, residents, displaced residents, and physicians in all sectors) are the primary audiences. Only they can subscribe. However, information on this website can be used by all medical providers all over the world.

YES! Part of the goal is to create content to generate research that will effectively benefit physicians as a whole. Research is only as good as the participants. Without participants willingly and openly volunteering, there will not be enough information to benefit the cohort. There will be information collected, with notification and consent, to help further this venture.

NO! Mental health is health. It affects every aspect of life and how we function; the mind, body, and soul are interconnected. In order to be your whole self, you have to treat every component of self. Whatever is on your mind is up for discussion and on the table. The focus is to state how these issues have hindered or have improved your mental health. Alternatively, how your struggle with mental health has affected your everyday life.

This forum wants you to be as open and free about expressing yourself. We all have different ways of expressing ourselves and speaking about how we feel. For the phenomenal Physicians section, you can contribute written pieces (poetry, haiku, letters, personal essays, etc.), music (favorite songs, self-composed pieces, etc.), dance pieces, artwork, photography, etc. Surviving stigmas is for scholarly articles and information. Breaking Barriers are resources in which you can ensure they are well rounded and comprehensive by submitting all-inclusive resources. Not sure what to publish? Please check out Become Featured for more details.

All subscribed members are encouraged to publish pieces of interest. Each person will provide a unique perspective and sharing will help us all heal in many ways. Non-members can provide resources and scholarly articles. Not sure about how to get published? Please check out Become Featured for more details.

At the bottom of every page there are hotlines listed. National Suicide Prevention Hotline 1-800-273-TALK Veterans and Military Crisis Line 800-273-8255 and press 1 Disaster Distress Helpline 1-800-985-5990 National Helpline 1-800-662-HELP (4357) Crisis Text Line text TALK to 741741 911 is also an option.

NO! This forum is adjunct to, not in place of, any forms of therapy you currently have. If you do not have any current sources for therapy, Doc U R hopes to help you find a specialist. The main reason for this forum is to combat loneliness and feelings of despair due to the stigmas surrounding doctors and mental health. Having access 24/7 to openly discuss and connect with like-minded individuals lightens these burdens. Furthermore, there will be vetted, certified providers available soon!

All submissions will be reviewed, so please give about 14-28 days. You will be notified if your pieces have been posted on the website.