Receive mental and emotional support and feel empowered and reach your full potential, professionally and personally.

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Continuous Encouragement and Support

Create, join, and engage within communities where you can feel supported, understood, and catered to; on one platform. Even better, you can be anonymous. Anonymity reduces the stress and anxiety that can arise when sharing personal information.

Understanding What’s at Stake

We also understand that your reputation and licensure can be affected when disclosing any information pertaining to your mental health. Until mental illness and Impairment is separated, Doc U R is providing you with options to get the care you desire.

Belong to a Group of Phenomenal Physicians

Gain access to an exclusive cohort of women that strive to transform medicine, this time focusing on themselves and other women that are doctors.Having options to increase your emotional intelligence, mental aptitude and overall health improves your quality of life and relationships. In doing so, healthcare on a whole and the community will improve. 


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